Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you a subbie? - 57 (my 18 wheeler)

 You might want to keep a barf bag handy while reading this one.

Pervy Truck Driver says: "I am seeking a woman who wants to be kept and loved and willing to live on My truck. (Yup, on his truck. You'll get to shower and eat at truck stops! Wooo eeee.)

I am a truck driver seeking a permanent servant. Duties will be varied. you must
read to Me, be naked after dark and in heavy rain and whenever the curtains are closed.

you must be willing to wear a kajira poncho with absolutely nothing under it but you
in public.

Also I will buy you "little black dresses" from time to time. Again, nothing under them
except you. (You sure know how to spoil a woman. Your momma must have raised you right!)

you must be willing to wash Me in the shower every chance I get (Go look at his picture. Don't forget the barf bag).

you must be willing to make Me cum every time I wake up (*dry heave*).

you must wear My collar and lead and kneel to present it to Me whenever you return from
leaving My presence.

you may not wear pants unless the temp is too low. you may not wear panties unless it's
that time of the month (He's very thoughtful.). you may not wear a bra in My presence. Okay. Maybe see thru yoga pants.

you must be exhibitionistic in nature.

I will own you. you will be Mine. you will love and adore Me as I will you.

age (over 18)/race/build irrelavent. Just be My servant. I will keep My servant VERY well."

If you got through all that without throwing up a little in your mouth, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. You just leveled up in endurance. Think the poncho is what really put it over the edge. I'm not wearin' a poncho for anyone. No sir.

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