Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for my geek queen!

Geek Prince says: "Do you collect comic books? Do you enjoy video games? Would you rather watch Doctor Who than Gossip Girl? I am tired of having to pretend to be someone else when I date. I am a geek and I am not afraid to admit it. I want to find a girl who likes me for me and not try to change me. I know that somewhere out there is a girl like this and I don't know why they would be cruising this site but hey a guy can try. If you think you are a beautiful geek princess and want a geek prince then please message me :]"

There's nothing wrong with being a geek, but there's everything wrong with that vest. The whole vest with no shirt on "look" is bad. Very bad. Why are you hanging out around your house with a vest on, anyway? Was putting a complete shirt on too much effort? "Eh...a vest will do. It's kind of like a shirt...". Then there's your "I'm too sexy for my shirt" facial expression. You may want to reconsider pretending to be someone else, at least until you stop sucking so much.


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