Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kind & Lonely Guy Search for Lady to help not be lonely - 32

Ooooh, damn! Look at those guns!

 And his sexy hat!

Yea right.

Kind and Lonely Guy says: "I'm real and willing to try and meet with a lady to try and see if can have a relationship since last one ended in 2008.

I've not try hard to get into another due to my goal with education completion and that I'm looking for job while in college than my career.

I'm veteran of the United States Navy active from July 7, 1999 to July 7, 2003 and Selective Reserve June 16, 2006 to April 10, 2007.

I've attended Washburn University since 2008, but I had a break in the attendance due to business office hold which force me out.

I do have an Associates of Arts in Pre-Law degree from Butler Community College in Eldorado, KS where went from Jan 2005 to Dec 2007.

The construction here in Topeka is also time consuming and annoying especially when only have down on one side like 21st & Fairlawn.

Also there is the Kwik Shop at 21st & Belle which is hiring now, however, it took it two years to open up for positions since built in Fall 2010.

I'm about to go to my Police Practices and Problems course from 1 to 1:50pm then home to apt to meet with tutor from 2 to 3:30pm, I chat later.


James Thompson"

Think this picture is supposed to be proof that he does indeed go to school. Not really sure, though.

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