Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 This offer comes with a cell phone included!

Captain Save a Ho says: "IS your life getting bad is your husband cheating is your boyfriend beating you down is he drinking to much is he sitting on the couch all day playing play station,cant hold a decent job ,just fell out of love with him, you feel trapped no place to go ,no one to turn to ,if your reading this and can say yes to the above well lets talk ok heres the deal im a 44 yr old white divorced male living in moore ,im 6ft slim, i have a good job nice home a good heart ,i have you your own new cell so he dosent blow yours up looking for you so if you think you can open your heart again to me , and let me start a new journey with you life is short ,too short to stay in a bad relationship or marriage ,im just looking for love a good woman,honesty faithfullness,so make that leap of faith make the call send that email im here you just got to trust again babe."

Babe? So is 44 or 45? Or more like 50 something? Hmmm?

 Sounds like your run of the mill infomercial....selling you crap you don't need or really want.

"Is your life getting bad?" What the hell kind of question is that. Anyone reading this is on Craigslist looking for some type of love. Of course their life is getting bad. You don't turn to Craigslist for lovin' unless things are bleak. 

Why don't you say what you're really looking for, Capt'n. "Seeking co-dependent, with low self-esteem, to manipulate and control". And that's the crap no one needs or wants.

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