Thursday, October 4, 2012

im done being bored and dealin wit fakes

Sunshine and Rainbows says: "Ok here's the deal. I'm sick of fakes I'm sick of fuking ads and I'm sick of lieing cheating bitches. If ur a fake ill know. If ur an ad ill hack ur fucking computer to meltdown. If u lie cheat or are just a plain bitch to everyone u meet don't even fucking bother. (His candor is refreshing. One might even say that it is charming. Just depends on what you're into...)
Now that's outa the way. The name is jarret. I live now in rock hill south carolina. A stones throw from winthrop. I currently am living with my mother and helping her out. She has been going through a tough time and I only started living with her to help her through her rough patch. Since most if not al my family members are etheir honstley too busy with they re lives or are just complete assholes. (More of that candor we so enjoy.)
Enough of that. I'm 5 9 white with blk hair green eyes. I'm average build and in my opinion nothing too great to look at but from wat I've been told, cute (You have been lied to.). I do work. Currentlly getting. My shit together. I have been in a few recent relationships that ended badly. I still hurt but just looking for a ear at the very least (He wants to cry to you about all of his bullshit.).
Ill be honest I love sex but I control myself unlike other ravonous dogs out there (He has his good points too, though.). I'm a nice guy but will never be afraid to tell someone off (You don't say.). I drink socially and trying to quit smoking. I love video games and bike rides. I'm looking for a girl who understands my situation. I'm by no means racist or judgemental. I am very open minded so no subject is off limits. I like a girl who is similar. Has a good head on her shoulders at the very least. And her heart in the right place. Some family values would be nice along with a quirky side as me and my family are. Someone who likes walks talks cuddles and romantic dinners but also likes being lazy sexy and a little crazy:-P
I have no problem giving my number but I do have kik. If u read this far I suppose ur interested. Make sure u type your favorite food into the subject line so I know ur not a bot. Don't ask me to sign up for this or that cuz i wont. so hope to hear from u soon"

At least he ends on a good note.

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