Thursday, November 17, 2011

devoted to one special woman

Mom and dad are evicting this one from the nest.

Not Perfect says: "looking for the one special woman who will be the bread winner in the home and I in return will be that one woman man and handy man with all those talents women only wish most guys would have and take pride in doing,whens the last time you have had a guy sing and play for you, run you a hot bubble bath with candles just to show those lil things we do for one another truly do matter, a great guy with a huge heart that just wants that one special person to relocate for, im in seattle washington and have never lived or been anywhere and even tho its nice here and beautiful and green as it rains so much,i want to be experience somewhere warm and sunny.I miss the lil things in life that I think matter most, me leaving ya little notes by your side of the bed so when you wake and read how much I miss you (because he'll be too busy sleeping in to tell you himself). I love spending time out on the boat in the summer, , im not perfect and I dont want someone to be, I like more of a cute girl next door look over a fake superficial girl any day. , please no drama or drugs, I bring to the table a open heart and a clean slate to start loving someone special.."
So basically in exchange for a free ride what you have to offer is bubble baths, serenading, and notes? A lot of guys can manage to do those things and still pay a few bills. Is working anywhere in your future plans? Or does being a responsible adult repress creativity that will one day turn you into a groupie loving rock star?

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