Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Single no drama male

Josh says: "My names Josh and I am looking for something longterm and no i don't want just one night stands and all that (That means he doesn't have money to pay professionals for it. Looking for free goods here...just so we're clear).I have been married but am now going through with the seperation thing and so hopefully you understand(unlike some) that it takes time to get this stuff finalized lol.I have a sense of humor (We're sorry but saying "lol" doesn't qualify you as having a sense of humor).  and I enjoy just hangingout or going to the movies or whatveer you want to do mainly (What if what we want to do is run over pedestrians at cross walks? Will you be mainly into that?).I just moved into an apartment in Trumann so just stop by if you want (You'll be able to find it easily as there aren't many around).I do have pictures but my phone doesnt let me send them at the moment because AT&T sucks.Just have a sense of humor and don't bring drama and other things like that into it. I would much rather talk on the phone than text I dunno why really. I do have a fb and it has a few pics on it. eightsevenzero,two one nine, seven eight zero nine.

I just want you to be honest and if you have children that fine no big deal and if you are going through the same kind of situation that I am thats cool can usually find me at hastings or library in Jtown."

He looks funny. We mean that literally.

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