Thursday, August 9, 2012

6ft 4in Blue eyes, ISO LTR, Passion and bliss

This guy has been applying for jobs so long he can't seem to get out of resume mode.

Keyword Guru says: "If interested please send a photo when responding if not then the best of life and love to you.

If you seek honesty, loyalty, passion, compassion, confidence, humility, sensitivity, understanding. I consider myself ecclectic, strong physically and mentally, intellectual, skilled, diverse in abilities, professional. Life experienced. I would enjoy cooking fine cuisine, movies, picnics, what ever your heart desires, together in quality companionship. Sunsets and moonscapes, mountains, rivers and deserts. I am compelled to help the suffering and less fortunate. If this feels right then maybe it is. Contact me.

I like passionate and excitable, yet stable and mature, devoted and considerate, calculating yet spontaneous, knowledgable of history and contemporary World conditions, living in the moment while planning for the future together with similar perspectives and objectives."

Also comes with an impressive collection of business attire....

Casual Suit- Perfect for business lunches

Used Car Salesman Suit -  Tops for selling hunks of junk

Funeral Director Suit - Ready to serve all of your dead body needs

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