Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Move-In BF Here

Unemployed and Homeless says: "I am 27, and looking for a woman that would enjoy having a male companion move in. Found myself in a bind and with nowhere to go. Roommate has to take off to Montana since his mother had a stroke, which leaves me needing out of here by the 13th of this month. (And of course the first solution to this problem he could come up with was whoring himself out on Craigslist.)
If you're interested... I can be a good partner for you. Whether you're only wanting friendship, benefits, or a relationship.
I'm 5'9", 160lbs, well hung. I'm intelligent, humorous, witty, clean, and know how to cook. I also enjoy waking my girl up to breakfast, or to make love, on random occasions. I like movies and music as well (It would be interesting to meet someone who does not like movies or music...). Cuddling up on the couch in the evening sounds lovely.
I also enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, swimming, etc.

I don't drink or do drugs (don't mind if you drink, as long as you aren't a drunk). I am a smoker, though I can do this outside if necessary. I work e-bay but haven't had a chance to set that up yet since I've only recently moved here (So, you don't work Ebay. You think about working Ebay...someday. What you are really trying to say is you are unemployed with no future plans of looking for a job...). It's good money when I have a vehicle (...and that you don't have a car).

Please respond when a phone number, and what you're interested in, exactly. Thanks, and have a good one."

Boy, you sound like a catch. 



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