Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Travel with me

It's every woman's dream to be swept off her feet...

Built Like a Defensive Tackle says: "I'm here in colonial hts. Va and I'm a truck driver and travel all over. I'm looking for a women between 20-35 to travel with. U don't need money I got u covered. I'm a good man with a big heart. I'm only here 4 till later today about 4:00pm I'm leaving heading for Kentucky. I'm 6'1 265 white male, blue/green eyes built like a defensive tackle. If u want a man to treat u like a women deserves then I'm your man." truck stops all across America. 

It will be far from romantic or exotic. You will be in a truck for more than 12 hours of every day with someone you just met and may not like. And your dead body could be dumped in a place no one would ever know to look for you! What could be better?!

Seriously, does anyone wake up thinking "I want to hop in a vehicle with someone I met off of Craigslist today and ride off into the sunset?" Because if they do, then they deserve whatever comes their way.

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