Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lets have a double date

Still Gets Carded says: "Me:
Attractive, healthy, clean, 40( I still get carded), short dark hair, funny, bored.

My roommate:
Healthy, attractive, clean, 24, short dark hair, five o'clock shadow, funny, bored.

(It's interesting that you ordered the adjectives to describe yourself and your roommate differently. Are you implying your roommate is not as attractive as yourself, although he may be healthier? It's good that you are both clean. That's important.)

What we want:
We are looking for two friends who want to come over & have fun.

We have drinks, snacks, entertainment & us. We have a big decent house, good attitudes a pool table, WTC.

If your interested get back asap. Hopefully you can come over now & we can have fun throughout the night ;)"

You have two bottles of booze, that don't even appear to be full, and a bag of doritos. That hardly counts as "drinks and snacks". What does WTC stand for? Wu Tang Clan? Want to Craft? Or were you trying to say "etc..."? Your slack ass offering of "drinks and snacks" is probably a good representation of everything else you think might be of interest.

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