Tuesday, August 14, 2012

REAL relationships

This man is here to fill you in on the TRUTH about looking for love (or lovin') on Craigslist.

Preacher Man says: "Time to put the truth out there to Ladies looking for love on craigslist. We are not all perfect non smoking, non drinking , non Drug doing Christian cowboys, on this site (That's an understatement.). You want the perfect man its not going to happen. Perfect men will be found on paid dating sites (No, no they won't...Perfect men are like unicorns. Lots of stories about them, but no one has ever seen one.). Here we are to poor or to cheap to pay for that. Its time to be REAL about who you want, and who you are likely to find on Craigslist. Im going to be REAL with what i am looking for.
I want a crazy, adventurous woman, preferring a BBW. in the 200- 250 pound range.
I want a woman with a gigantic sexual appetite.
A woman who drinks, smokes, and 420 friendly.
A woman between the ages of 36-50.
A woman who wants to fall in love FOR REAL, and be with a man who will adore her
Only things i dont want, scammers, hookers, or those bots that try to get me to join some verifying site.
Attach a pic with your reply and in the subject line put Im a Crazy Woman. NO PIC NO REPLY"

So, remember...They are not all perfect, non smoking, non drinking, non drug doing Christian cowboys on Craigslist! Many also do not have jobs, cars, all of their teeth, or friends. In other words, if you have standards...you best look elsewhere because Craigslist is like the clearance rack of dating. The studs of Craigslist are cheap, probably dirty, and most likely damaged.


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