Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Fever

"As I close in on my 40th birthday, I find myself having no children of my own. I cannot tell you how much that bothers me and how much I want to change that. Baby fever has a very strong grip on me. Consequenses be damned, I want to make a baby with someone!

So tell me, is this wrong? Is this intriguing? Or maybe this is completely hot? I look forward to hearing you reply... "

Now maybe we're out of the loop... but when did making babies stop being something that two people who love each other (or at least think so anyway) do and become some casual thing you do on Craigslist? Because it might be hot? Is there something in the water? Was there some movie that made having babies seem cool or sexy? Is this like those commercials for cigarettes that wound up banned? Perhaps the FCC needs to look into the Huggies and Pampers ads...Crack down on TLC and Parenting magazine. What are we missing?!

"Oh little Johnny you're here because things were getting boring in the bedroom. We wanted to try something new....catsuits and shiny spandex just weren't doing it for us anymore." Yea you go ahead and try that out.

*Spoiler Alert*

Nothing ruins your sex life like having a couple of kids!

Cable's damn expensive but it doesn't wake you up on Sundays at 7am. Get yourself some.

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