Tuesday, October 4, 2011

swm seeking a friend and let's see where it leads

Has Kids, Car, and Strange Women says: "LOOKING FOR FRIENDS 24 AGES TO 40. Not looking for love just yet.Friends First! I don't want a text buddy forever.After several texts ANDphone conversations and we feel comfortable with each other we can go from there. I'm not looking for a fwb,if that's what you want, sorry. This may be a big turn off but I don't do drugs or drink. I don't care if you drink socially but I'm not gonna babysit you while you get hammered. I like going out to concerts and clubs. I like to dance and people watch. You must be able to hold a conversation. I know I have such high demands,lol. When hanging out, DUTCH! I'm not looking to be used for my money. Don't care if you have a car or kids, I have both. I try to keep my kids out of my social life and I'm sure you can respect that so don't be offended if you don't meet them right away. I have full custody if that's a issue sorry, my kids come first. When I say I'm gonna do something, I do it. I'm not a lier or cheater,player or anything like that. I can be sarcastic so be warned,lol. I like several genres of music except country.I'm a city boy. I had a boat but never used it to go fishing. I don't like camping or most other wilderness activities. I'll go hiking but that's about it when it comes to nature. I love the fall with the leafs changing color. I have my own house. This is not like me at all because I meet people in person but it usually ends up wrong. I'm unfortunatly a magnet for damaged women. Sounds mean, we all have issues but if your still lusting after your married high school sweetheart, I can break it down for you real quick. If your a parent and your parents are raising your kid or kids because you want a social life, no thanks. Mutually Attractive (let's be honest, you have to be physically attracted to someone in a relationship, this doesn't mean that I am shallow). and want a awesome friend that won't let you down then I'm your Gentleman. I'm not looking for love but who knows,right. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, PUT BALD IS HOT IN SUBJECT OR I WON'T READ IT, WEIRD HUH,LOL.I'm not bald but sometimes shave it down. Also respond with more than 3 words like "what is up" or "how are you?". Tell me about you and what your looking for in a friendship and relationship. I enjoy driving so if you don't have a car that wouldn't stop us from being friends, I'm always the DD."

That's all fine and dandy....

Who the hell are they?

Putting pictures of women (including but not limited to bimbos, your ex wife, weird aunt, and especially mommy) in your personal ad is a sure way to stay single.

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