Saturday, October 22, 2011

GL College Student Seeks Similar - 37

We'll just get straight to it today. What we have here is some schmuck who thinks he can use psychology to fool a woman into becoming involved with him. Enjoy.

Good Looking Male says: "Educated and sensitive good looking man seeks woman of similar quality. Im a single dad, in college majoring in psychology and 3 credits from my senior year. I love the outdoors, being active, snowboarding and kid friendly activities. Have a good relationship with my ex and try to have fun in the few free hours away from school and parenting. Working on my social skills, not great at meeting new people and was in a ltr for 5 years. Amazing with my hands and skilled as a handyman. I have spent time in the Army and as a volunteer firefighter. I have very little hope for meeting my "ideal" match through a craigslist ad, but am no stranger to fate and its workings so who knows. Plus, Im bored, like to email and chat with people that are not 4 years old. Have very few social outlets or ways to acquire them besides school. New in town, not much to do here, would like someone that would enjoy hanging out. I'd prefer someone who is average to fit or in shape as they would more easily fit into my lifestyle and expectations for a partner. Ok wait, seriously, Im going to try an sum up who I am and what Im looking for in a paragraph? I think not. Chemistry is most important and that will take seeing your pic and meeting sometime, possibly checking out each others social networking site for some similarities, who knows?. So, who really goes looking to meet people on craigslist? Lets find out.
Oh yeah, I would love to meet someone that is cool.

PS HOLY CRAP! My email blew up with spam like 2 seconds after posting, seriously, like 3 emails in less than a minute. If your real can you please include a pic or something in the subject line? Ahh the joys of using craigslist.

PS I have gotten quite a few responses from some wonderful sounding women but unfortunately haven't found quite what Im looking for. I apologize to anyone that I haven't gotten back to yet, I didn't realize how many women were looking for a single attractive guy :) "

For starters being 37 and 3 credits away from your senior year in a psychology program means a whole lot of absolutely nothing. A BA in psychology brings in less than a teacher's salary. Sooo you have at least 5 more years of going to school full-time before this is actually impressive OR you can get into a time machine,  go back to your 20's, and try this speel again. It'll be much more effective that way.

Moving on...

Does anyone want to meet someone that is not cool? "Hey, thanks for responding to my ad but you're cool and I don't like cool people." No.

You're not going to be able to tell if you have chemistry with someone through a photograph. Being that you are a person who is supposedly interested in psychology one would think that you'd understand chemistry goes far beyond physical attraction.

Which brings us to our most important point...Regardless of how many times you tell us that you are good looking or attractive we can still see that you are not. Give it a rest.

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