Thursday, October 27, 2011

Documentary: My Penis and Everyone Else's

This documentary was not found on Craigslist and is not related to Craigslist. According to a description provided by the BBC "...he (Lawrence Barraclough, the director) attempts to pinpoint the relationship between penis size and how guys see themselves as men." Perhaps it will help us better understand the studs we find on Craigslist and why they are so compelled to share images of their member with everyone.

*Warning: Video is NOT pornographic but does contain some nude images of male genitalia. The words penis and dick are said frequently throughout the documentary. And at about 35 minutes you can see incisions being made during a penis enlargement surgery. Some may consider this part graphic. View at your own discretion.

Directed by Lawrence Barraclough

*Video belongs to whoever created it. Studs of Craigslist does not have any rights to the video. 

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