Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ok seriously ladies

Don't think advertising that the last person ditched you is going to help anything but let's see how it goes.

Got Stood Up says: "ok Ive recieved several emails about my posts and none have came through as of yet I thought one was legitimate so I got ready I shaved my full beard which I have been grooming for the past month Im a little dissappointed now so whoever wants to hang out and can pick me up asap and isnt going to get my hopes up just to dash them down please send me an email with a picture would be nice but with how soon you can be at the front gate to pick me up Im not picky must be DDF and atleast 18 with car Im about to give up hope here please somebody brighten my day?"

Oh come on! He shaved his beard. He'd been working on growing that thing for a whole month!! Someone has to want to pick him up. Right? No? No takers? eh...

At least he'll have growing his beard back to keep him occupied. 

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