Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's cre8 millions & share an unparalleled life adventure!

Cancerian-Ox says: "I'm still looking for the love of my life... who is open to learning and change. I am a vibrant, healthy, fit, non-smoking (quit March `94), non-drinking (quit that too) (This morning) , drug & std-free, 6' 190# semi-retired (?) SWM Cancerian-Ox who enjoys living a sober, unadulterated lifestyle. I'm looking for a partner to share activities, adventures, sensual kissing & Tantric/Kama Sutra attentions/pleasures too.

I own DRAGON REALTY company and am involved in a variety of real estate and business start-up venture projects (Meaning he has plans for anything you might have in savings but don't worry you'll cre8 millions together). I have many interests; Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, cooking, living foods, organic fruit, vegetable & herb gardening, horticulture, renewable energy, camping, fishing, shooting, hunting, golf, walking, casual bicycling, fun tennis, volleyball, exploring, beach combing, swimming, diving, treasure hunting, etc...

I may be forced to become politically active if our so-called representatives don't stop their greed/corruption, eliminate their graft, multiple full pensions for part-time service, elitist healthcare benefits, conversion of funds, and sweetheart government contracts for supporters that place their interests above those of us they're supposed to be representing..."

No need to worry about that political stuff. We've got it on good word the government is going to start being honest October 26th at midnight. Guess greed and corruption just got old...

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