Friday, September 16, 2011

Alright, I do admit it - 48

Formula Fed says: "Ok, I certainly admit that I was raised at a time when the formula was the way to go, and I did not get the benefit of the colostrum nor enough sucking in. I like sucking breasts, and so anybody want to help me and I will make you feel good? I am a pretty sensual man also, and will gladly take care of your needs. Pregnant, lactating a plus also, but not necessary. Nonsmoking is a requirement, ok?"

Nothing but the best for him. Don't want none of that nicotine in his booby milk....alcohol is a plus though, helps him get to sleep at night.  

How 'bout it... got a teat available for suckling? It's for a noble cause...he was deprived as an infant.

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