Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here it is!

Last week we promised you the picture of Pervy White Guy in his bathrobe and we know how much you were all looking forward to that ; )

This picture is from his previous ad where he told us about his fetish for shiny spandex and catsuits.

And here is the pic you've been waiting for....

Pervy White Guy says: "Shared vanilla interests might include video games, board games, biking, tennis, cuddling while watching tv, scifi/fantasy movies and shows, musicals and plays, and traveling to the beaches, mountains and beyond.
I am about to buy a brand new big screen, flat panel HDTV for the bedroom and need someone to play video games with, watch movies with!

Shared spicy interests should include: D&S roleplay, adult language, toys, lots of lingerie, sympathy for a hosiery fetish, tease and denial, very light S&M, and forced feminization.
(I have enough toys and lingerie to open my own sexy store, LOL! But you must respect safe words and limitations please!"

He's been about to get a new big screen, flat panel HDTV for the bedroom for several months now...Doesn't seem like it's happening. Way to get our hopes up Pervy White Guy : (

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