Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't worry, pics are NOT of my junk - 30

Ohh...that's refreshing. Now only if the ones who do post pictures of their baby-maker would be so kind to title ads appropriately.

Can Read and Doesn't Post Pictures of His Junk says: "Every time I go out, I see cute and otherwise well adjusted women holding hands with total douchebags... guys that look like they belong on Reno 911, or with a minor role in Jersey Shore. Ladies, you are better than that! I don't wear baseball caps, run out and buy the latest fad clothing, or wear t-shirts with retarded slogans or brand names on them. The only sport I am into is NFL football, and have no interest in watching others on tv. I wouldn't mind an afternoon at Fenway, but I don't care if they win.

Meeting someone through CL is a longshot, there are countless posts of vapid (This is Craigslist...You might want to tone that fancy talk down a bit) women who "have a zest for life", and "Love the RedSox!"... Then there are the posts by women who have bulleted lists of unrealistic demands of their potential suitors. I'm sure they would even do it in PowerPoint if they could figure out how to type without ALL CAPS. My sense of humor is far too edgy for people like that. Good luck finding your rock climbing, trust funded, part time chef and nobel prize winner who wants to treat you like a princess, I'm sure he'll be knocking on your trailer door any day now! (Ouch...Ya know there's a saying about honey and bees...never mind)

I'm a totally good looking guy, 6'1, 185. I can cook, I read books (A rare breed he is), own my own home, my car is paid for, and I can carry a conversation without saying "fuck" every other word like it is some kind of stutter... which isn't to say I don't curse at all, because I do. I can have fun going out to dinner, or staying in and watching a movie. I'd like to get back into skiing, so bonus points if you ski or snowboard. Bonus points for geeky girls as well (Good looking and generous!).

The whole Dating Scene is a little unhinged, too many guys stalking for hookups, women who have been burned by them, and the legions of crazies. Having acknowledged that the field is littered with guys just trying to score, I have to qualify that I am of course looking to get some too (Naturally...and honestly for most women things would only last about a week if you weren't.), but that is not my sole objective (you think I'm some kind of "Situation" ?). If we hit it off, you can be confident that a monumental amount of epic screwing will ensue.

And since this is CL, please be std free (If it wasn't Craigslist would STD's be ok?). My sincere empathy to those who are not (Not really feeling the sincerity...), but I've already got my share of challenges in life and I don't want to add new ones (What kind of challenges? A peg leg? Glass eye? Narcolepsy?? What's going on here?)."

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