Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you lonely - 39

 Asshat says: "Do you think you could use some company (Perhaps...). Are you sick of doing everything by yourself (We are). Wouldn't it be nice to go out for dinner at taco bell, or kentucky fried chicken (NO! Could do that by our damn selves!! what the....) ,and then to a movie with a nice guy. Cuddle on the couch with a man (Men don't take women on dates to Taco Bell...) not a pillow (Take a pillow over a toad any day). Go for rides to nowhere to look at the foliage (Bet you don't even have a license). Go to a fall fair. If any of this sounds good I guess i'll here from you soon."

Someone has watched one too many infomercials.... The intro sounds promising and then the product just sucks. Gonna have to try a lot harder to sell us on this one buddy.  

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