Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tip of the Week

Each week we'll offer some obvious advice for improving your personal ad experience and keeping yourself off of the Studs List.

Last week's tip was about intentionally procreating with strangers. This week we'll discuss meeting people.

If you are having trouble meeting people, the problem might be where you are looking.

Very rarely will you meet someone new on your couch. If you do meet someone on your couch you may want to notify the this person is likely breaking and entering and may be stranger than you. New people will most usually be found in places outside of your home like the grocery store, park, or, for the adventurous type, at the bar. The next time you run out for pizza and donuts look will see people...some of which you may find attractive. You can talk to them. Making eye contact and smiling are ways to measure interest before initiating conversation. 

 People also rarely just wander around the woods and the ones that do should probably be avoided. You might think the obvious solution then is to attract people to the woods. Well...treehouse clubs usually diminish in appeal around age 11. So unless you are 11 and are trying to attract other 11 year olds...starting a club probably won't get you any friends. Try venturing out of the woods from time to time. Maybe put some clothes on before you do that and leave your pet rats at home. See how that works out for you.

This week's tip was brought to you by Tanner the Philosphical Pothead  and Gilbert the Naked Guy.

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Happy Dating!

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