Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tired of being alone and seeking a sincerely nice woman please - 55

Frustrated by Sorry, Nasty, Lying Women says: "Not sure if this is the right place to find a good, decent woman but figured what the heck, it wouldnt hurt to try (It might). I am seriously so tired of all the BS and lies, games, and just general all around crap that goes on all the time it seems between the sexes. There has got to be one decent woman who has some morals about herself and good character. I am not interested in any woman who drinks or smokes, goes to bars and skips around from one man to the next playing the lonely mistress game when all she is is just a lying ho (Don't rush to show us your kind and affectionate side).
I dont mean to sound mean but I am so frustrated by sorry, nasty, lying women who never stop the games and drama. PLEASE, PLEASE leave me alone and do not reply unless you are a kind, caring, giving, feminine woman. I'm moderately conservative so if you are a liberal it probably wouldnt work. I basically grew up in a small town and enjoy the simple things in life. I am very stable, financially anyway (Whoa...and in what ways are you unstable? That may be valuable to know now instead of finding out later.). I need a good woman to calm me down with kindness and tenderness, sweet whispers, a gentle touch holding hands, hugging, anything that is indicative of the desire to be true friends with zero ulterior motives.
I am not a philanthropist so do not ask me for money to pay your rent or cell phone bill. Or buy you some tires (lol, tires). I mean, damn, have some respect and integrity about yourself. I seriously am a decent man. I am straight up and dont play games. Life is too short for immature games. I dont smoke and very seldom drink. I'm not abusive, not a bum. I am affectionate once I get to know you. I am seeking a rare type woman I know. I am not attracted to big women, although it seems I am a magnet for BBW types (My, my you're picky aren't you?). Oh my god, they love me it seems. I am sorry and mean nothing personal. My preference is for a petite woman or someone with a slim or avg build. I dont care if you have big breasts or small. I'm more into the tight butt stuff (He's look'n for butt lovin'. You have been forewarned.). I love a woman who is giving, doesnt mind cooking a home cooked meal once in a blue moon. I dont mind a bit taking a woman out for a nice dinner but a man enjoys home cooked food sometimes (Is that so?). The thing is though, the rare woman I am seeking is one who is into a man with a bigger build. I dont consider myself as a fat slob. I am 6 ft 2, somewhat muscular, but I have put on weight from health problems the last several yrs. Thats another thing. I am limited some and cant go like most women like to (This deal just keeps getting better.). I'm not crippled but probably a woman who enjoys staying at home as well as going out sometimes is more along the line of what I am looking for.
I desire a woman who is stable, unattached, not on the rebound, not full of drama. If she has kids they are older maybe or well behaved. My only kid is grown and on his own now. Nothing wrong with having kids, I'd just like to find a woman who is in the mode of.........time for me now. I've raised my kids and its time for me now to have some fun and relaxation. Like I said before, life is short and I am tired of being alone. I'm not that bad looking (He won't make you want to puke like Swamp Creature anyway.), I'm very clean, stable, own my home and vehicles, dont owe anybody anything. I have some money to take a woman out or on a short trip. What I'd truly like to find is a woman who is stable, has her own money and can meet me halfway. She is attractive and doenst smoke or drink much. Her idea of a good time is not getting wasted. She needs companionship. Quality companionship from an honest man who wants very much to develop a sincere, lasting friendship, and maybe more who knows. I hope and pray that just one decent woman who sees this thinks we might be close to a match. If so, please send me a picture of you and some info about you. I would much prefer a woman who is within 15 miles of Cornelius/Lake Norman area. Maybe Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Davidson, Concord. Just please do not waste my time if you arent a nice person and you're only looking for a man who can do something for you monetarily. I have money and am not a cheapskate but will not just hand over something to someone I dont even know. OK, I tried. Thats all I can do."

So he's grouchy, bitter, overweight, and not that great looking. Oh and he's not buying anyone tires....  He expects to find an attractive and politically conservative woman, who allows rear entry and wants to cook for him. To top it off she has to be sober for all of it.

Sounds like he'd have better luck finding a unicorn than a woman who fits that bill.

A reader submitted Frustrated by Sorry, Nasty, Lying, Women's ad. Thanks Ellen!

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