Thursday, September 1, 2011

Want a Tattoo? - 29 (Boise)

Not from you.

Aspiring Pedophile says: "You have heard A LOT of sad stories on here, I know. How much pity do you have left? Here are 5 things about TJ!
1) I have a job, but I'm not rich.
2) I do tattoos, but I'm not the best (yet).
3) I currently stay on Boise Ave, but moving soon. Prefer the north end or downtown.
4) I smoke.
5) I've been to prison, but now i"m a good boy! Ask my P.O.!

Here are 4 REASONS you should call me instead of the other guys on here:
1) I'm not a sex-offender (Yet...see number 4.), you can check the web*site!
2) I would hook you up a tattoo if we got close.
3) I'll treat you better than my ex! I promise
 (Well how bad did you treat her? and how much better? Because if you went to prison for killing her, then in comparison beating us would be better... and that's not good at all.)
4) I'm better with kids than you, I should run a day-care!"

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