Thursday, September 22, 2011

Only has a few skeletons in the closet

Oh that...I decapitated them yesterday...don't worry about it, tomorrow's a new adventure! The weather might be right for running over pedestrians at cross walks. Are you up for it? Things can get a bit bumpy.

Mr. Nice Guy says: "So, here I am. Mr. Nice Guy, hoping to find someone that doesn't plan to one day run me over like a blade of grass with a lawnmower. I have no intention of living in the past. What's happened has happened. Has nothing to do with tomorrow. Tomorrow is a whole new adventure. Hoping to find someone who honestly wants to find out with me what tomorrow holds. Someone who's interested in heading to the park and playing on the swings."

Not try'n to jump to conclusions or anything Mr. Nice Guy but you have a picture of yourself here in front of an Easy Bake Oven and you want to go play on the swings.... Thinking tomorrow might be "lure little Suzy back to your car" day.

Then in your ad you say things like "I don't work on cars..I'm lucky I know where to put the gas in!", "Football? Eh. I watch figure with it. Hate camping, love hotels. Hate fishing, love antiquing." and share this picture of yourself in front of the Froot Loops...

Are you sure you're seeking women? Maybe you didn't notice the Easy Bake Ovens in the back and happened to randomly decide it was a picture moment while lurking in the girl's toys section but you saw those Fruit Loops...There's no mistaking it. Hellen Keller could see 'em. Sneaking suspicion being "Mr. Nice Guy" isn't the reason you're single.


  1. I just spit chocolate milkshake everywhere.

  2. ...and why is his hair a different color in each picture? Way creepy. :)