Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phoenix Fancy Rat And Nudist Club, Inc. - 50 Part 2

Update on the rats and naked guy in the woods. 

Gilbert says: Narurits Club, associated with AANR, American Association for Nude Recreation, Inc.
Our group is an incorprated intenty and will be detailed via email.
The most beautiful thing there is is a nude body. There are lots of woods to wander here and a wonderful creek to fish or just sit in it and enjoy. We do have General Guidlines for your viewing after here. Come and enjoy the situation, I myself and a 10 year vetran of the lifestyle. I put the catgory as misc romance because a nudist club tend to mostly be women and a few men tend to work that way this male could care less. LOL I almost forgot the said that this club is located at 3300 ft in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We would like a few live in residence since that is 3000 sq ft hose that plenty of ROOM AVALIABLE. This should be really fun since the property is totaly seculeded. There is a small membership fee to help maintain the house and grounds. Come and enjoy our little peice of nature."

In the last ad membership was free. So what is it Gilbert? Is getting drugged, killed, and then dined upon by yourself and the rats something we have to pay for now?

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