Sunday, September 4, 2011


That's always a good way to start things off.

Found a nice lady friend for one of our studs.

Complicated says: "Im a black female, 21 years old 5'5 with meat on my bones, but not neccessarily fat. I'm looking for a older successful man who has time for me, I don't want you JUST for your money (Mostly though.), I want your time, I want you to want to spend time with me, maybe even fall in love with me. I get dependent on others kinda easy, dont worry not financially (Uh huh...), but emotionally because I don't have much friends or family (and why is that? What happened to them?). I'm very attractive, and I have alot of great qualities, beautiful smile, country, sweet, good sense of humor, very very honest, and Im sure that I can impress you with my intelect. I guess the only bad thing so far, is if I do like you I get attached easily...scary? Well Im not crazy, so I wont stalk you (Kinda think'n you will.), just be waiting by the phone, so please if you respond have time for me, so my heart won't get broken again."

Who do you think the lucky fellow should be? Maybe a good match for Frustrated by Sorry, Nasty, Lying Women? She's not just after money and is "very, very honest" after all.

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