Saturday, September 3, 2011

Employed and Sane Seeks Relationship With A Girl With Hairy Arms

Likes 'em Hairy says: "Looking for some short-term fun and involvement which could hopefully lead to a longer-term relationship. I have always had a hair fetish ever since I was a kid. If you've ever been teased about your hairiness, odds are I'm looking for you. You must be attractive, friendly, respectful, intelligent, enthusiastic, clean, D&D free, and most of all, HAIRY."

Picture below was provided by Likes 'em Hairy for your reference.

Seems we may have inadvertently found another member of Don's family. His genealogy has become Studs of Craigslist's side project.

Don's family is a part of a movement. Their mission is to restore human fur and take on the bastardous clothing industry. Human fur is a natural covering and protectant from the elements. Are you tired of buying clothes? not being a "fashionista"? or maybe just fed up with the neverending loads of laundry? Then join Don and his family in their mission. Grow fur!

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