Sunday, August 21, 2011


Talks Too Much says: "hi girls it occured to me that it is very difficult to get into a relationship with a person for many reasons but two important ones that come to mind are the drama of the ex boyfriend or ex husband and the second is what i call the abundant options theory which suggests that too many options fosters pickiness which leads to confusion and indecision. So many times I or friends of mine have gone out with a girl and a certain song comes on in the car or a place we are hanging out at and all of a sudden there is a blank stare that takes over the girls eyes like the look of a deer caught in the headlights, now what this means to me is that the girl is not over that specific ex and there is still baggage there, or she keeps bringing him up, steve use to do this steve did that me and steve went there, thats a big no no. So thats the first hurdle to overcome, The next problem is that even if the girl has gotten closure us guys are faced with another problem and that is the abundant options problem basically meaning that there are so many guys to pick from how does a girl make up her mind, kind of like shopping for shoes at nieman marcus offcourse you cant buy them all the shoes in the store so you have to decide???? so my question for all of you women is what is the solution and is there hope for any guy that is actually looking for a relationship out there or do we just continue hooking up with the less than average women with compromised self esteem that are just looking for their temporary voids to be filled and not getting emotionally attached to any of them.

So if you have a solution for me id love to hear back"

Which is basically the winded way of saying "I'm not the cream of the crop". 

Here's another ad where Talks Too Much uses Judgement Day as a dating ploy. An interesting tactic.

Talks Too Much also says: "good morning ladies and women, it occured to me that there is this huge disparity in the modern dating world. It seems like that 90 percent of the women only want 10 percent of the guys out there, so where does that leave the remaining 90 percent of the guys who arent in demand like me. Dont they say opposites attract which is good for me because im looking for a cute funny interesting lady, which is the opposite of me,since i am boring fugly out of shape and an eye sore. So what am i suppose to do just become a priest and never be able to touch another woman again, or venture to the other side of the fence, but i dont want to i like the silky smooth skin that women provide, cant do the dude thing. So is there any openminded woman out there who can save me. Who knows maybe the big man will give you the best spot in the front when we all go upstairs for our final destination?"

Have a sneaking suscipicion your statistics are not backed with any research or real data. The real issue is that 0% of women want to date you...Hmmm but why o' why could that be? Maybe because you never shut up. 

We doubt the other team wants you either. Here's the solution...lower your standards or start clipping coupons for hand cream.

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