Saturday, August 20, 2011


By cuddler he means curls into fetal position and cries often.

Depressed and Isolated says: "After over five months of trying to help her, my girlfriend left me recently and started doing Crystal Meth and cocaine. I only have one friend, and my best friend killed herself three years ago. I've been isolated so much that I can't act normally around other people."

And we thought Mr. Killjoy was bad at breaking the ice. The point of a personal ad is often missed. Your ad is supposed to ATTRACT people. That's the goal.

Depressed and Isolated also says: "I've never had a respectable girlfriend, but I have a 3.75 GPA, an IQ of over 125, and eligibility to Brown University."

You have bad judgement, no friends, and cannot act normal. Nothing here is appealing. Perhaps we've identified your problem or who knows it could be that horrendous unibrow you've got goin on. Why don't you fix that up a bit and go from there?

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