Sunday, August 7, 2011

One for the Comic Book Lovers Out There

During the day he is a regular kid named Cody. At night he transforms into a super hero. His alias is Jail Bait. Click Here for Theme Music Jail Bait's most noted super power is getting your ass locked up.

Jail Bait says: "I am looking for a woman to love and to be with with for a long time... age is not a problem looks are not a problem... my name is cody by the way. these are older pics but once you start talking to me and i get to see a pic of you ill resend newer up to date pics well hope to see you soon <3 "

This one may be wet behind the ears but whatever he's lacking in maturity and experience he'll fully make up for with kickass Spiderman moves, which he will gladly demonstrate for the right woman.

Those are some mighty fine spidey man underwear you have on. Exactly how old is this photo?

*COA: Studs of Craigslist assumes Cody is indeed of legal age and are only making fun of his young appearance and choice of underwear. We do not condone or promote the distribution of child pornography or illegal sex acts in anyway. 

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  1. I had no idea spiderman underwear came in that size.