Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since he has no job there really isn't a date. It's just cuddling on his couch or bed. Your choice.  He's nice like that. With this bad economy it's probably a good idea to skip the romantic dinners that lead to years of bad marriage and kids who will only suck the life out of you... Just get straight to the crappy dates on the couch watching tv. That's where you'll end up anway.

 Mr. No Ambitions says: "Any one wanna go on a date, and possibly watch tv and chill in my bed of couch and cuddle, lol. This might sound creepy, but i don't go to school and i have no job, and the bars only have trashy fat slags, so i've no way to meet chicks, if any actual cool girls see this, hit me up."

It doesn't sound creepy, it sounds lame. The real reason you are not picking up women at bars is because you are broke. Otherwise, you'd be all over it but even the "trashy fat slags" have some standards.

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