Saturday, August 27, 2011

something different - 25

Something very different...

Diaper Weirdo says: "Looking for a fun woman who would be into doing things a little different. Love to go out, have fun, drink a beer, you know...all the normal things...the difference maker is I have a fetish for diapers.....don't run read....I just think it would be cool to wear them from time to time for a little foreplay. So going to the bathroom in them or anything. I am on the right in the pic."

The diaper is really so you don't soil your undies when he kills you. He wants to save those for sniffing later.

As an added bonus if for some reason you decide to give this a try, you know a picture of you will end up on Craigslist. Have to wonder why the middle finger is censored out. You're wearing diapers. Anyone who would get offended by a middle finger will be far too distracted by that to even care about the hand gesture.  

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