Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DWM Seeks LTR - 40

DWM says: "I am a 40 y.o. divorced white man looking for a single or divorced white woman. I am an incurable romantic and love treating my lady like the lady she is. I just got out of a marriage where we had sex only 8 times in 13 months. I am looking for a woman I am sexually compatible with. Looks are not as important to me as personality."

He doesn't care what you look like as long as you'll touch his wee wee.

Is that a picture with your wife?

Judging by the unhappy and unsatisfied looks on both of your faces we'll assume that yes this is a picture of you with your wife. Could you not at least crop her out of the picture? Maybe blur out her face like some of the other fine gentlemen on Craigslist do?? Have some decency man.

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