Friday, August 5, 2011

Selfish a-hole that can be very affectionate

If that's not a description of a winner we don't know what is.

Affectionate A-hole says: "I am a selfish asshole that can be very affectionate . I am good looking and can be very charming.I like to cuddle and I like to show a girl off if she is cute (If you're not cute he'll still do you but requires 3 feet of personal space in public). I enjoy buying girls flowers. I am an asshole at times though but Ima working on it. lol I get angry at things and get mad when I dont get my way. Not like a kid but kinda. I will eventually level myself out and grow but I really want to find someone to help shape my life. Is that bad? (Yes) I want a girl that makes me want to be a better man. Someone that motivates me, challenges me and likes adventure (New way of describing domestic violence).
THere has to be another of the opposite sex that shares my traits.
EMail me and we can swap pics or yours gets mine. No fatties please, and if you talk with that annoying drawn out southern redneck thing and it is noticable you can avoid the awkward
time that I make fun of you when I realize it. And please no crazy ex boyfriends, I dont like fighting. Im 6 foot 165lbs for gods sake and last time I got into an altercation i was kidney punched and peed blood for a week. Jackass, I am honest though, sometimes too honest maybe. I will be there for you and I wont back down or lie. (: "

So he'll look good while beating the crap out of you. When he's done he'll give you a hug and buy you some flowers. Or does the beating and verbal abuse come after? Eh...either way there's some flowers and love in it for you somewhere in the mix. A little something we like to call sugar n spice.

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