Friday, August 12, 2011

Need to Eat

Opened this ad thinking it was going to be another guy willing to trade sex for money or possibly food. Times are hard. Saw some guy the other day that needs textbooks real bad...willing to do anything. We imagine that isn't going so well. Contrary to what many of our studs think women are at least smart enough to realize that men are willing to do anything, whether or not, there is an exchange of money.

But no, this was not the case. Read on....

Nasty says: "Self explanatory i want to be the best eater ever and i need a practice dummy, Im 5'11 about 140lbs black hair and have pics dont really care about looks i need to do some training just reap the benefits. cool thanx oh yea im nubian"


Nasty is trying to go around and put his mouth on strange women's coochie. He doesn't know where that coochie's been! And it doesn't sound like he plans on finding out. Why not just get a, that's right one, girlfriend and practice on her? A lot.

The good news is one day he will make some woman very lucky. Not only will she be satisfied... she will get a gift! A funky gift. A funky gift that she will always have to remember him by.

If only we could all be so lucky....

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