Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some girls need training, guidance, leadership and discipline

Some guys need to lay off the crack.

High as a Kite says: "Politics and political correctness aside, some girls need a man to be a man. To take control and to make decisions. You're such a girl. You're smart, you're sane and this is what you want - not because you don't have options, but simply because it is what you want. No other reason is needed. You need a man to take you, to train you, and to mold you into the girl you always knew you could become. His. His girl. My girl. Trained. Owned. Loved."

We are all for putting political correctness aside and yes many WOMEN do need a man to be a man. Get a job, pay bills, treat them with love and respect...that sort of thing. No one who is smart or sane is out there looking for an a-hole to own them. Put down that pipe and head over to the pets section of Craigslist. Get yourself a nice dog to train, own, and are clearly confused about what you are looking for.

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