Thursday, August 25, 2011

Want a child. Asking for Donor. No jokes. No games. - 26

Not asking for much. Just a child. That's all.

Jon Boy says: "I am seeking a clean and healthy woman to have my child for me. I don't feel like going through the whole relationship thing just to get a kid. If the woman will carry the cild, I will come to every doctors apt and when the child is born, if the woma will hand over th child and all rights to me I will be a happy camper. If a relationship or friendship comes of this request than that is fine too, as long as I can always see my child. I am clean and healthy and ready to have a child. If you are interested to know more please contact me and leave an email, if you seriously wana know more, leave a name and number. I am a very nice guy, wouldn't harm a fly, just mosquitos, I hate mosquitos, I just know what I want. I want a child. Thanks, Jon"

What exactly do you want this child for? What do you plan on doing with it? You do understand that a child is even more work than a relationship right? At least with a relationship you can break up with the person when you stop liking them or they stop being cute. It doesn't work that way with kids. 

Think we see some livestock back there. Maybe he needs more hands on the farm and is trying to go about it the old fashioned way. Immigrant labor must be getting expensive.

Oh and one last thing....

(Image was censored by Studs of Craigslist)

Why did you include images of your baby maker in the ad? Was it to show how serious and ready you are? because that's not what we're getting from it at all. It's a little strange to tell you the truth.

You just know women every where are sitting around thinking to themselves... "You know what I haven't done before? I haven't made and given a child to a complete stranger. A complete stranger that puts pictures of his wiener on Craigslist. I should really try that out sometime." 

No... actually don't think that one quite makes the bucket list.

*There are images of male genitalia on this ad. Click at your own discretion.*

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