Monday, August 22, 2011

Tip of the Week

Each week we'll offer some obvious advice for improving your personal ad experience and keeping yourself off of the Studs List.

Last week's tip was about planning ahead and posting your ad before getting drunk. This week we're going to elaborate more on describing your status without scaring people away.

Previously we suggested giving yourself sufficient time between relationships so you are not misdirecting the negative feelings you have from the past on to potential new partners. While writing your ad you may be tempted to explain why you are single. Don't. Not everyone thinks you are so wonderful that they need an explanation of your single status. By posting on Craigslist you are already telling the world you have major defects and the people sincerely considering you accept that; most likely because they have some as well. It's a give and take. "You accept my multiple personality disorder and we won't mind your 6th toe". So if your girlfriend left you to do meth or died in a tragic accident it's quite alright not to divulge that information in your ad. Again, a simple "I'm single" is all it really takes. Trust us women won't pass your ad by because they think it's too good to be true.

Please refer to (: needin somone amazing!! and Cuddler for examples of what you shouldn't do.

Until next week....

Happy Dating!

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  1. hey thats the same pose my exwife did when she described snaggle teeth