Friday, August 12, 2011

Stud Update

Hey look it's Bat! He's still available in case you were worried you missed out...

Bat says: "I love Big Beautiful Women! and I love them with Brown hair! I am looking a for a BBW Brunette for a girlfriend. Age limit 21 - 33."

If you sent him a message and didn't get a reply it may have been because he wasn't specific enough in his first ad. He was getting too many emails and couldn't get back to everyone. He thought it best to narrow the search down a little this time. He's really looking for big beautiful woman with brown hair.

He's in dire need of a root if you  don't meet all of his criteria but can wield a dye bottle he may make an exception for you....

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  1. you should put a LIKE button up in this bitch... *LIKE* (not the dude, the post).