Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tip of the Week

Each week we'll offer some obvious advice for improving your personal ad experience and keeping yourself off of the Stud List.

Last week's tip was about having realistic expectations when searching for a partner. This week we're going to talk about posting under the influence.

There are a lot of things you shouldn't do while drinking. Most of us know that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Don't go to work or school drunk...another good one. Drunk dialing usually leads to embarrassment and sometimes restraining orders. Well we're going to add don't post a personal ad to that list. We do understand that alcohol intensifies the urge for companionship but there's a few problems with posting a personal ad when you're drunk.

For starters the urge you're feeling will wear off as the alcohol does, so you want immediate results. The chances of someone real responding before you pass out puking in the toilet are slim. Craigslist takes 15 minutes to post ads after you submit them. You're just not gonna make it. Then the next day you probably won't even remember creating the ad or that you put your email address,  phone number, and naked picture in it. You'll wonder why your inbox is full of hate mail from "cheeto-eating craigslist weirdos" and who Pat is and why she sounds rather manly in those messages. The pictures she texted quickly clears up that confusion but... See where we're going with this? 

Besides all that, you just don't put your best foot forward when you're drunk. In a bar or at a party it doesn't matter because the other people are drunk too. The majority of the people on craigslist will probably be sober while reading your ad. Alcohol can only make you seem funnier and sexier if it's the other people that are drinking it. Keep that in mind for the future.

"But I'm drunk and I need you now...what can I do?" At this point it's probably better to drunk dial an ex if you weren't able to bring somone home from the bar. Incase that fails be sure to have a sex worker's number programmed in your phone but you'll have to remember not to drink all of your money. Considering you're on craigslist and not at a strip club... it's probably too late for that.

 To avoid this ugly scenario you could think ahead. That's right, plan. You know you're going to go out and get drunk this weekend. Be responsible. Post your ad no later than Wednesday.  

Until next week...

Happy Dating!

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