Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Talented artist looking for sweet girlfriend- 41 (se 16th & stark)

BEWARE! The homeless have infiltrated the personal ads to further their mission to mooch. You have the damn public library system providing free internet access to thank for that one.

His title should read "Bum looking for someone I can take advantage of". He's provided the crossroads of the corner he's currently pan handling at in case you want to pick him up later.

Stuart the Flamboyant Bum says: "Hello, My name is Stuart. I am a full time artist/painter and a very good person. I have been represented by a professional/established gallery for over 10 years. I recently (about a year ago) went through a relationship break up with my girlfriend of 9 years. At this same time, my gallery owner decided to close the gallery and move his life in a new direction. As a result of these two things (He is homeless), I have found myself in transition and a little out of sorts (Drugs do that). What I would love is to find a new girlfriend that is a lover of the arts, has some stability in her life and is a good person (To share said stability).
I am a monogamous, faithful, attractive (a bit flamboyant) (A lot flamboyant) guy that believes that being in a couple makes you stronger than being on your own. I'm looking for someone that is pretty, open minded, likes to hang together (cook, go to social gatherings, talk about life). I do like to drink coffee, some beer and I roll my own cigarettes (You will need to provide those items). I don't have a car but (comes with his own cardboard box) am very capable & independent and I don't need a lot of stuff to make me happy (He'll take whatever you have). I would love to find a woman that is into one on one communication, having an intimate relationship and would be open to living together and perhaps would have a place for me to paint (Notice how moving in together is automatically her place with space for him).
You can respond to this posting with a phone number or an email and I will get back to you quickly.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have personal reference if you'd like any."

Who provides personal references to date? 

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